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We focus on the processing and manufacturing of electronic shells. In the field of customized keyboards, we are equipped with professional processing technology and solutions

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Xinrico is a manufacturer of high-quality custom keyboard kits. It is located in Chang’an Town, Dongguan City. At present, the company has advanced testing instruments, CNC lathes, four-axis CNC milling machines and other production equipment, including laser marking, surface sandblasting, polishing, PVD, electroplating, oxidation, dyeing treatment, assembly, packaging, etc., can realize one-stop service, saving more time and cost for customers. The humanized management system gathers a group of excellent employees and high-quality management personnel, which makes us more confident and capable of completing various complex technical tasks and meeting the standards required by customers.

If you have any new ideas or concepts for high quality custom keyboard kits, please contact us.

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