Choosing the Right CNC Machining Service in China

As a global leader in manufacturing, China has become a key player in the CNC machining world.

Why work with an external CNC machining shop?

First of all, the key reason that companies turn to external manufacturers is machine cost. State-of-the-art CNC machine systems, post-processing systems and other industrial equipment are extremely costly

—often prohibitively so for small or medium-sized businesses.

By working with an external CNC machine shop, businesses can leverage the benefits of industrial machining technologies without having to invest significant capital in expensive hardware.

In addition to circumventing high equipment costs, businesses that work with CNC machine companies save on labor and training costs. That is, CNC machining is a complex process that requires specialized training to operate, meaning that companies working with the technology in house must have highly skilled, CNC-trained operators in their workforce.

By outsourcing CNC machining jobs to a specialized service, companies can exploit the benefits of the technology without incurring labor and training costs associated with the process.

Why outsourcing rapid prototyping needs to China?

Compared to most western manufacturing companies, Chinese rapid prototyping services such as MACHMASTER offer substantially lower prices thanks to a number of factors, including low raw material costs, low labor costs and thin profit margins.

Better still, factors traditionally seen as disadvantages of outsourcing to China are becoming less and less relevant. Improved communication via the internet means businesses can keep track of their machined parts as easily as if they were just next door. And rapid machining services coupled with fast delivery options mean fast turnarounds despite the geographical distance.


Finally, China is becoming increasingly dominant in the CNC machining and rapid prototyping markets because of the quality of its production services. Despite lower labor costs in the country, the level of skill in the manufacturing sector—and especially CNC machine operating—is high. In other words, the lower cost of production is not an indication of lower quality parts.

How to choose the right CNC machine shop in China?

So far, I believe that you’ve grown some interest in finding a CNC machining service in China, I mean, at least take a try, request a quote to see the price. Well, below are a number of important factors that can help you and your business find the right CNC machining partner in China.

1. Certifications

one of the most important things in choosing a manufacturing partner is checking their certifications ,to see if they align with the type of product you are seeking to produce.

If, for instance, a customer is ordering a part for the medical industry, the CNC machine shop should have the appropriate certifications and stringent quality control processes needed for the healthcare industry.

2. Quality control

it is important to establish what quality control equipment and processes a CNC machining service offers, including raw material inspection, in-process quality checks, finished part inspection and outgoing quality control.

A CNC machining company that provides a comprehensive and state-of-the-art quality control workflow will ensure that your prototypes and products are up to the highest standard.

3. Communication

And though the internet has made it significantly easier for international customers to keep in close contact with Chinese manufacturers, it is still important to establish a good rapport with a company before diving into a manufacturing partnership.

At MACHMASTER, for instance, we make sure to speak with our prospective clients to guarantee there is a clear understanding of the project at hand. Additionally, not only will we work transparently with our clients to complete production, but our experts will also help to optimize and improve products and manufacturing where possible.

4. Production capabilities

Assuming that you are looking for a Chinese quick prototyping organization to work with, make certain to make sure that it has the right hardware and creation capacities to satisfy your request, including CNC processing and turning machines, multi-hub machining frameworks and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Notwithstanding creation equipment, guarantee that the organization knows all about and works with the sort of material you require, whether it is metal, plastic or other.

5. Place a small order as trial

At no big expense to the client, a prototype will enable them to check that a particular CNC machining company is able to produce the part up to certain standards and in good time. At MACHMASTER, we guarantee that prototypes are machined and delivered within just three days


By the end of the article, I believe you should have known the reasons to work with a CNC machining service in China, whether for rapid prototyping or custom production. In addition, you should also have learned the factors to consider when choosing a Chinese company to work with.

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