HANG 98 keyboard Kit

HANG 98 Suspension three-in-one structure (suspension, top, gas)

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hang 98 Keyboard Kit


Suspension three-in-one structure (suspension, top, gas)

Suspension: The floating space is large, and it is more integrated, and the surrounding keys also have good soft bounce. The suspension structure is matched with positioning boards made of different materials, giving you a different feel. Springs with different strengths can be replaced to achieve different soft spring strengths. Higher playability and stronger transformation.



The configuration adopts mini98, which saves the space occupied by the desktop as much as possible under the premise of keeping 2U0. The size is only 15mm different from 80, which is equivalent to 64+pad+functional area. You can’t have both, the disadvantage is that the arrow keys are easy to touch by mistake.

No front teeth: left 2Ushift, right 1Ushift, 2U0.


With front teeth: 2U0.


Keyboard Appearance:



Shell: 6063 aluminum anodized / sandblasting 220#
Counterweight: copper pvd
Nameplate: uv observatory (the material is the same color as the shell)
Positioning plate: CNC brass/pc/FR4 immersion gold
PCB: black core pcb (hot swap, split type, independent slot)
Pad under the shaft, sandwich cotton, shaft seat pad, bottom cotton, gas sliver (both are poron cotton)
Leather+pu imitation wood suitcase
screw + screwdriver
Silicone foot pad+gas silicone pad
Suspension studs + two strength springs + spacers


uv future science and technology observatory, silver PVD laser astronaut

The hang 98 keyboard kit comes from Chinese designer Yuyang. The keyboard kit adopts a suspended three-in-one structure (suspension, top, gas), CNC machining, anodizing, electrophoresis, PVD, UV and other processes. The project will end in August 2022. If you are interested in the manufacturing process of this keyboard, you can contact us. We have a series of manufacturing processes that can solve product manufacturing problems.

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