Customized keyboard DIY to choose a configuration that suits you

How to Choose a Keyboard Arrangement

104: keyboard arrangement

keyboard arrangement

90-100 arrangement:

On the basis of the previous 104, the layout is simplified and the practicality is taken care of, such as this

keyboard arrangement

The layout of 100 has all the function keys that should be there. It is very practical but looks more concise and beautiful than the 104. If you are a heavy keyboard user, such as a designer, then this kind of layout above 90 is definitely the best choice.

Important point: the size of the number of the keyboard configuration = the amount of money you need to spend on the switch body, when you want to change the switch body for a new experience, you will find that the 60 configuration will definitely save money, so when choosing a configuration, you must pay attention to it. Considering the input of the later shaft body

80%-87 arrangement:

It is also deleted on the basis of 104 keys, the number pad area on the right is removed, and most of the function keys are retained

keyboard arrangement

The standard 87 configuration is suitable for people who do not need a numeric keypad but rely heavily on the F keypad in their daily work and life. The overall keyboard ratio looks comfortable. If you need a small numeric keypad later, you can add a numeric key pad In conjunction with.

Important point: As we all know, the layout of the keyboard is very compact. It is difficult to make new patterns on the front of the keyboard when designing. The blank area on the right side of the 87 series shell leaves some space for the design. I can get some nameplates or something.

80%-84 arrangement:

streamlined on the basis of 87, the overall layout is more compact

84 keyboard arrangement


With 81 keys, the overall size is 25% smaller than the full keyboard

75 keyboard arrangement

60%-68 arrangement:

68 keyboard arrangement

This configuration is more like a MAC keyboard. The F key area is canceled, and the functions of F1-12 are realized through the combination of keys. The aspect ratio of the overall keyboard is perfect, which is completely sufficient for work and life. The only problem is that the position of the ESC key replaces the position of the previous “~” line. Those who like to use wavy lines may not be used to it, but in the face of the exquisite appearance, everything that is not used to it can be compromised.

60%-60 arrangement:

60 keyboard arrangement

The arrangement without arrow keys, the 68 arrangement may cause slight discomfort, just get used to it slowly, but for my work habits, removing the arrow keys is simply insane, it is definitely a arrangement that challenges usage habits, but there are still many people like it , everyone has their own preferences

40% configuration:

40 keyboard arrangement

Personally, I feel more like a desktop decoration with a keyboard function. It is a bit uncomfortable to use this arrangement for typing work, but fortunately, it is special and beautiful enough, so many people still collect it.

At this point, the common arrangement is basically finished. Next, let’s talk about the first step of DIY customized keyboard:

Go to the KEYBOARD EDITOR million station to draw your favorite arrangement.


1 Preset preset, you will see a lot of preset configurations after clicking it, just find one that is similar to the configuration you want to make, for example, if you want to make a configuration of 87, you can choose 104, and then delete the number area that’s it

2 Add Key-Add a key

3 Delete Keys-Delete key, in fact, you can get the same result by pressing the DEL key on your keyboard

4 Undo redo cut copy paste

5 Properties keyboard properties This is more important, mainly to set the text written on your keycap, keycap color, keycap width and height, such basic settings are here

6 RAW DATA, this is more important. After you adjust your arrangement, a piece of code will be generated here. You must save this code. Usually I will save it in a text file. Board or when you want to change your arrangement next time, just copy this code here, and you can adjust it based on the layout you saved last time instead of redrawing it.


7 Top Legend-Center-Bottom Legend These three are mainly the text that can be input on a certain keycap in the first column. The position of the text is divided into upper, middle and lower layers.

8 The width and height of a single key, here needs to be explained, the width and height of the keycap has a basic unit “U”, the simple understanding is that the size of the letter key is 1U

Generally, the CTRL key in the lower left corner of the keyboard is 1.25U, which is 1.25 times the letter key, and the space is 6.25U. BACKSPACE has 2U? It is the width of two letter keys. Here, you can select the keycap you want to adjust the size of. The border of the keycap turns red, and you can adjust the height and width of the keycap in these two columns.

According to your preferences, you can design your favorite keyboard arrangement

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