Setout65 Keyboard Kit

ZCMR Studio’s Setout65 keyboard kit, TOP and GAS dual structure, PCB single-mode 65% soldering/hot plugging

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Setout65 Keyboard Kit

The front of Setout65 is simple and tidy, without any extra decorations. The simple small front teeth and floor cover clearly express the sense of hierarchy and classic simplicity. The similar counterweights on the back give the splicing and collision of colors, making the colors no longer monotonous, and the elegant lines outline the knot and beauty of Setout65’s rigidity and softness.

The frame of Setout65 adopts a wide top and bottom and a narrow left and right design, taking into account the structure and making the shell slimmer and more visually comfortable.

Shell configuration and color:

Setout65 will adopt the classic color scheme, which will be adjusted according to the votes of fans in the future.

Anodized black: black bottom case with brass-colored counterweight, reflecting a low-key luxury feeling

Setout65 keyboard kit parameters:

Cover: (anodized jet black, anodized silver, anodized wine red, anodized denim blue)

Bottom cover: (anodized jet black, anodized silver, anodized wine red, anodized denim blue)

Counterweight: (copper and aluminum counterweights are optional, copper is not an additional option) [The optional process is PVD, electrophoresis, and the default anode is not selected]

Positioning board: (PC/POM)

PCB: (single-mode 1.2mm black core immersion gold single key slot, ink process is matte green ink, please refer to 6095 dark green model) Separation small board, sandwich cotton, shaft bottom pad, bottom cotton, supporting screws, foot stickers.

Kit parameters Slope: 7° Front height: 18mm

Structure: GAS

If you have customized keyboard project production needs, please contact us: Xinrico

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