How to calculate the cost of CNC machining, how much does CNC cost per hour?

cnc machining cost

The wide application of CNC machine tools provides convenience for precision machining in various industries. However, the calculation of CNC machining costs is a problem for many people. So, how much does CNC cost per hour? Let’s take a closer look below.

CNC machining cost calculation method

CNC machine tool processing costs are calculated based on factors such as materials, processes, machine tools, labor and management. Usually, CNC processing manufacturers calculate the processing cost according to the time, that is, the processing cost per hour. The hourly processing fee consists of the following components:

Material costs

Material cost is calculated based on the type, specification and market price of the material used. The price difference of different materials will affect the level of processing costs.

Machine tool usage fee

The cost of machine tool use refers to the cost of depreciation, maintenance and repair of CNC machine tools. There are also differences in the usage costs of different machine tools, which will also be reflected in the processing costs.

Labor costs

Labor costs refer to the costs of wages, social security and benefits of processing personnel. For different regions and enterprises, labor costs will also vary.

Management costs

Administrative expenses refer to the administrative costs, taxes and other miscellaneous expenses of the enterprise. These costs are also reflected in processing charges.


Processing manufacturers should also consider their own profit issues. Therefore, the processing cost also includes a certain profit part.

How much is CNC per hour

The calculation method of CNC machining cost is based on a comprehensive calculation of different factors. Therefore, the amount of CNC per hour is not a fixed figure. Different processing manufacturers, different regions and different materials will have certain differences in processing costs.

Generally speaking, the cost of CNC machine tool processing is between 100 yuan/hour and 200 yuan/hour. Compared with traditional manual processing methods, CNC machine tools have higher processing efficiency and higher processing accuracy.

As the application of CNC machine tools is becoming more and more extensive, the competition for processing manufacturers is becoming more and more fierce, so some manufacturers will also adjust their processing costs according to market demand.

Factors Affecting CNC Processing Costs


Different materials have different prices, so it will directly affect the processing cost. At the same time, the hardness, density and molding difficulty of the material will also affect the processing cost.


The processing difficulty and time required for different processes are also different. Therefore, different processes will generate different processing costs.

machine tool

The brand, model and specification of CNC machine tools will also have an impact on processing costs.


Different labor costs will also have an impact on processing costs. For high-skilled processing personnel, their wages and benefits will also increase accordingly.


Management costs are also an important part of processing costs. The level of management costs depends on the size and management level of the enterprise.

How to save CNC processing costs

  • Choose materials reasonably to avoid waste.
  • Optimize the processing technology and improve the processing efficiency.
  • Choose the right CNC machine tool to avoid waste.
  • Reasonably manage human resources and reduce labor costs.
  • Management should be refined to avoid waste.


How much CNC costs per hour is determined by a combination of factors. When performing CNC machining, we need to calculate the processing cost according to different materials, processes, machine tools, labor and management.

We can also reduce processing costs by optimizing processing methods, selecting appropriate machine tools and management methods. In the end, we should choose according to the actual situation in order to achieve the best processing benefits.

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