Meet Alice Keybaord Kit

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Meet Alice Keybaord Kit Detailed configuration:

Meet Alice Housing Material: 6063 Aluminum

Counterweight: stainless steel pvd mirror

Nameplate: anode

Surface technology: anode, coating, electrophoresis

PCB: single mode, bluetooth dual mode support via. Black core green oil 1.2mm single key slot

Positioning board: pc, pom, fr4 immersion gold, brass (separate version only)

Structure: gasket, top Input angle: 6°

Meet Alice Kit information:

  1. upper shell
  2. Bottom case
  3. counterweight
  4. hand rest
  5. nameplate
  6. Positioning plate
  7. pcb
  8. Separation plate
  9. Sandwich cotton
  10. Shaft pad
  11. Bottom cotton
  12. screw
  13. floor mat
  14. Silica gel
  15. keyboard packaging
  16. Battery Compartment Filler

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real picture

Mint Green

Meet Alice Keybaord Kit
Meet Alice Keybaord Kit

Electrophoresis sand white

Meet Alice Keybaord Kit

anodized black

Meet Alice Keybaord Kit
Meet Alice Keybaord Kit

Exploded map:

Keyboard layout diagram:

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