Palice Alice Keyboard Kit

Color: electrophoretic white, anodized black

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palice Alice keyboard kit:

Everyone must be familiar with Alice keyboard kit. The ergonomic design with separate left and right hands is also in line with the habits of the public. In the spirit of innovation, I want to bring you some unconventional arrangements that can adapt to work and life, so I boldly tried to make this kit. This time, a numeric keypad is added to make a large arrangement.

As the title says, it is actually very simple. It is a combination of a regular pad and a regular alice, so it is named palice, which can also be understood as the 98-arranged keyboard typing part made into Alice keyboard kit.

Palice Alice Keyboard Kit

as the picture shows:

1. The arrangement supports ladder capitalization keys;

2. The left and right spaces of ALICE are swapped, so that the left and right partitions look more reasonable;

3. The arrow keys sink;

4. Hot-swappable, aluminum shell, single-mode, VIA, GASKET structure, wooden hand rest, all you need.

Palice Alice Keyboard Kit

Slope: 7°

Color: Black / White (maybe other colors in the future)

Keyboard cover: 6063 aluminum (anodized black)/electrophoretic white
Keyboard lower cover: 6063 aluminum (anodized black)/electrophoretic white

Positioning plate: 1.5mm aluminum (anodized black) / 1.5mm FR4 (immersion gold) / 1.5mm POM

Sandwich cotton: 3.5mm PORON

Shaft pad: 0.5mm IXPE

PCB: 1.2mm (immersion gold), wired single mode

GASKET silicone: custom mold opening

Sound-absorbing bottom cotton: 2.5mm PORON

Sound-absorbing bottom cotton: 1mm PORON

Separation plate

Separate light board

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